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      • 聯系:李先生
      • 手機:13789806976
      • 郵箱:342711952@qq.com
      • 網址:http://www.philiprobert.com
      • 廠址:山東省濟南市全福立交橋東100米路北(工業北路301號)通運汽配城3排15、16號 4排15、16號)
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      Audi's good service not only prolongs the useful life of the car, but also has a pleasant mood when driving through the experience. In addition, if the maintenance or improper use, will lead to vehicle failure, resulting in security risks. The maintenance of the vehicle, on the one hand by the maintenance station to provide you with the mandatory maintenance, on the other hand is the owner of some of their own routine maintenance. Audi automotive parts maintenance:
      1、通過游標尺檢查機油量,油亮若在( F)和(L)兩個標線之內,則屬于正常范圍,若低于(L)位。則應添加指定型號的機油,加油后的液面不能高于F位。
      1, by vernier check the amount of oil, oily in (F) and (L) within the two markings, belongs to the normal range, if less than one (L). The oil of the specified type shall be added, and the liquid level after refueling shall not be higher than F.

      2, Ji'nan Audi car maintenance brake fluid near the lower limit or lower than the lower limit, it means that the system may leak or brake shoes wear too much, should be in time to the maintenance station for maintenance.
      3, check whether the battery fixed solid, close to the assembly line, should be in time to add electrolyte or distilled water to the high line, in short, to maintain the electrolyte should be between the upper and lower limits. Keep the battery positive and negative cable in good contact and clean and dry battery. If you do not use for a long time, you should take off the positive and negative cable of the battery, and start the engine again by about half a month or so. If the electricity is obviously insufficient, you should charge it in time.
      4, Ji'nan Audi automobile maintenance air filter dirty will cause the engine working poor, fuel consumption is too large, will eventually damage the engine, if found less dust, blocking the light, use the high pressure air from the inside out blowing, continue to use.
      5, the oil supply is not smooth, should check the gasoline filter is blocked, foreign body plug should be replaced in time.
      If you are interested in our products or have any questions, you can either leave us a message or contact us directly. We will contact you in the first time after receiving your information.

      http://www.philiprobert.com/(復制鏈接) 濟南路通悅寶汽車服務有限公司



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