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      • 聯系:李先生
      • 手機:13789806976
      • 郵箱:342711952@qq.com
      • 網址:http://www.philiprobert.com
      • 廠址:山東省濟南市全福立交橋東100米路北(工業北路301號)通運汽配城3排15、16號 4排15、16號)
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      1. Avoid engine idling for a long time. When idling, the fuel consumption of the engine is much larger than that of the normal running. Therefore, it is better to stop the vehicle for a long time without stopping the vehicle, such as parking.
      2. Avoid emergency brake as soon as possible. Gentle, smooth driving mode is the most fuel-efficient, in the initial stage, as far as possible to avoid stepping on the accelerator, the correct method is to ride speed, and after reaching a certain speed, should be as much as possible to maintain uniform speed. When driving on a congested road, you should also see the road ahead and avoid sudden braking. This will not only save fuel, but also extend the service life of the vehicle.

      3, Ji'nan Mercedes Benz car maintenance to maintain the appropriate speed. In general, the speed is 88.5 kilometers per hour, the most fuel-efficient, speed increased to 105 kilometers per hour, the fuel consumption will increase by 15%.
      4. Keep the vehicle low wind resistance. At high speeds, a large part of the power is used to overcome the windage. Therefore, try not to load on the roof or make improper modifications. It is estimated that adding a luggage rack on the roof will increase fuel consumption by 5%. In addition, in the high speed state, do not think that the window will be more fuel-efficient than open air conditioning, because the window will greatly increase the air resistance, but will be more expensive.
      5, Ji'nan Benz car do daily maintenance. Unclean air filters and oil filters, worn spark plugs, and problematic emissions control systems may increase fuel consumption. According to statistics, poor maintenance engine fuel consumption increased by 10% or 20% is very normal, and the air filter dirty, may cause fuel consumption increased by 10%.
      The above is today's introduction, if you want to know more about our company's products, you are welcome to telephone consultation, we will provide you with detailed product information.

      http://www.philiprobert.com/(復制鏈接) 濟南路通悅寶汽車服務有限公司



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