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      • 聯系:李先生
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      Pay attention to the type and quantity of engine oil
      Oil can be divided into different models according to viscosity and quality. If your car is used in the northeast cold area and has been maintained before winter, the oil you use is likely to be a model with good performance in cold start environment and low temperature resistance. However, as the temperature warms up, changing the proper grade of oil can ensure that the engine is in the best working condition.
      Car owners who are not involved in changing the oil label must not be careless. When the vehicle is completely cooled, you can check the scale of the oil dipstick by yourself. If the oil level is lower than the minimum value, you need to add oil. Of course, if the specified oil change time has been reached, it will be more thorough to go to the store to completely change the oil, change the oil filter element at the same time, and then clean the oil circuit.

      Glass water can be changed back to normal label
      In northern winter, the glass water with low freezing point is often used to prevent it from freezing. When spring comes, car owners can also reuse ordinary glass water, even water. However, it's a very good habit to keep enough glass water. It can ensure a good line of sight when driving at any time. It's very convenient to keep a bottle of glass water in the car.
      Tires! Don't be careless about the most important thing
      Tire is one of the most important vulnerable parts on the vehicle, which is directly related to the driving performance of the vehicle. In Northeast China, because there will be a lot of snow on the road, it is necessary to replace the snow tire. Even in spring, there may still be snow on the road, and the service life of snow tire will be longer.
      For those who come back to North China or South China from Northeast China, this snow tire is not so necessary. Because one of the characteristics of snow tire is that the colder the temperature, the softer the tread, and the stronger the grip. On the paved road above zero, the performance of snow tire is often inferior to that of ordinary four season tire, and such use will aggravate its wear and tear. It is recommended to replace the four season tire.

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