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  • 路通悅寶--您身邊的高端汽車養護維修專家!



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    Repair parts sold as new parts
    The so-called repair parts are mainly used to re polish and spray paint some discarded parts into "new" ones. When the owner is not on the scene, they are replaced with the vehicle, saying that they are brand-new parts. Finally, the owner spends money to buy an old part. According to some masters, many auto 4S stores now take similar measures to make profits, and the profits only from repair parts can reach about 50% - 80%. In view of this, we need every car owner to take away the replaced repair parts when repairing the vehicle, and do not leave any old parts to the repair shop. In this way, they can't sell the repair parts as new parts because of the lack of "supply".
    Shorten maintenance time or mileage
    Generally, the engine oil is changed every 5000 km, and it is normal to change the engine oil within the range of 4500 km to 5500 km. But some 4S shop or repair shop staff strongly advise car owners to change the engine oil as soon as possible. The manufacturer has specified when to change the engine oil in the manual, as long as it is within this range. If you want to advance, it's better to be within 10% of the mileage. What, why do you do this? If you shorten the time, you increase the number of maintenance in disguise, and they can earn more money several times. It's very simple to say that you didn't bring enough money. What, can I swipe the card? I'm sorry, my card has exploded this month. Free? Wake up, how can there be such a good thing.

    Car wash, car decoration shop sign "professional paint"
    Urban driving will inevitably scratch, but the cost of painting in 4S shops is generally high, so some car washing and vehicle decoration shops that do not have the qualification for painting take the opportunity to launch "low price" painting business. Although the price is much cheaper, because the process is not hard enough, the repaired paint not only has color difference, but also will quickly age soon, and even crack and fall off, so it is necessary to carry out the second repair, but the gain is not worth the loss. Our suggestion is that you should not be greedy for cheapness. You should go to a 4S shop or a qualified shop to repair the paint. You can get the goods at the same price. I believe that after comparing the technology, you will naturally have a correct judgment.
    Exaggerating vehicle problems
    Some bad maintenance companies bully consumers and don't know the technology. They will deliberately exaggerate the vehicle problem. Originally, it's not a serious problem, but it will become very serious under their exaggeration, which makes you think that if you don't repair it, there will be safety hazards and you dare not drive away. In fact, many problems can be solved by simply screwing a few screws or simply cleaning. In the face of such unscrupulous businessmen, we have to maintain the car, witness the maintenance process, and go to the regular repair shop. Of course, usually read the car maintenance manual, learn more about the basic structure of their own vehicles, small problems can even be solved by themselves.

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