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    1. The steering wheel of Mercedes Benz is offset when stepping on the brake
    Phenomenon: when stepping on the brake, the steering wheel slightly deflects to the right and turns 1 degree. After lifting the brake, the steering wheel returns to its original position. The phenomenon is very small. When you release the steering wheel with both hands, it is clear to measure with eyes.
    Solution: it is normal for the steering wheel to swing slightly when braking. If the swing is obvious, exhaust the brake system, which should be improved. Secondly, check the return of the brake cylinder, but for a Mercedes Benz new car, there should not be too big a problem, through the exhaust should be able to solve.
    Suggestion: the brake system is the most important thing to ensure the safety of the car, and the brake oil must be checked and replaced regularly.
    2. The wear of four brake pads of Benz is uneven

    Phenomenon: the wear of the four brake pads is uneven, and the thickness of the left front brake pad is only half that of the other brake pads.
    Solution: this fault phenomenon indicates that the left front wheel brake does not return properly. Check the brake cylinder and brake caliper. If there is any fault, it is better to replace them in time, so as not to affect the driving safety.
    Suggestions: in case of brake deviation, inconsistent wear of brake pads and long braking distance, timely check the brake system, especially the discs, pads and brake oil.
    3. Cold start odor of Benz
    Phenomenon: when a cold car starts, it can always smell a strong odor outside the car. It's very smelly. It's more smelly than the smell of pig hair. There's no smell after the hot car.
    Solution: the problem of air conditioning odor may be due to the smell of sponge in the air duct after heating. It is recommended that you go to the 4S store for detailed inspection and treatment. If possible, you can clean the air duct and sterilize it, or clean the evaporation box to eliminate it. In the future, regular inspection and maintenance will be enough.
    Suggestion: regularly clean the air conditioning line every 2 years and try to use the perfume that is harmless to the body.
    4. The cold start of Mercedes Benz shakes severely
    Phenomenon: after the ignition, the car shakes obviously at first, and the shaking increases after 3 seconds. I feel that the engine is short of cylinder, the fault light of engine is on, the jitter of fire fighting is reduced, and the fault light is always on.
    Solution: analysis may be due to the production of gasoline caking caused by poor gasoline, resulting in obvious engine shaking during cold start. It is beneficial to clean the oil circuit or add gasoline cleaner (designated by Benz original factory) for a long time.
    Suggestion: first of all, when you come back from a long distance, it is suggested to change the filter, and then add a special gasoline additive to ensure the failure caused by the gasoline problem.
    5. The idle speed of Benz is unstable
    Phenomenon: when idling, the rotating speed is high or low.
    Solution: the reason may be the component failure of the idle air actuator, which leads to inaccurate idle air control. Common causes are: throttle motor card or damage. There may also be the memory of idle speed value, poor contact of valve control harness and disassembly of throttle valve when the ignition is on. If the battery stops for too long when it is short of power or the battery pile head is disconnected for too long, the idle speed memory value stored in the engine control unit will be lost.
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