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      Electric vehicle wading is not as dangerous as expected, and there is no report of electric leakage accident caused by electric vehicle wading. The voltage of pure electric vehicles is generally above 400-500v. When electric vehicles are soaked in water, many car owners worry about the risk of electric leakage. In fact, this kind of worry is superfluous,
      The power battery is the most vulnerable to electric vehicle leakage, and its waterproof ability reaches p67 "intrusion protection" level, that is, dust prevention reaches level 6, and waterproof is level 7, which is similar to the dust prevention and waterproof standard of ordinary mobile phones. It can ensure that the pure electric vehicle will not be damaged by water in a certain period of time and under certain water pressure. The battery of electric vehicle is required to be sealed (Fig. 2). In case of leakage or short circuit of the battery, there are multiple leakage protection measures in the system of electric vehicle. First of all, battery management BMS system can cut off the circuit in time to ensure no leakage accident. Even if there are signs of leakage, there is a zero protection wire in the electric vehicle, which can take away the leakage conductivity. High voltage electricity will never form a circuit to the earth, so the human body will not have the risk of electric shock.

      The single battery in the power battery module must pass the immersion test of seawater with high salinity, and it should not explode or fire. Therefore, in case of heavy rain or ponding, the owners of electric vehicles need not panic excessively. The waterproof properties of batteries, motors and other parts have been inspected by the manufacturers. The relevant system on the car will detect the insulation and battery temperature of the high voltage system in real time. If there is any abnormality, the protection will be turned on in advance, and the safety is guaranteed. The actual wading height of electric vehicles is usually 70cm, and the wading capacity can even be close to 1m.
      Of course, if the electric vehicle is submerged too deeply and for a long time, the electronic equipment on the vehicle, such as control computer, instrument panel, electric air conditioner, audio and horn, is no different from the traditional fuel vehicle, and some equipment may be damaged.
      Since the possibility of electric vehicle wading leakage is very small, do you still need to buy wading insurance? Water related insurance is an additional insurance of vehicle damage insurance, whose main function is to compensate the engine of the vehicle. There are two kinds of electric vehicles: hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles. Hybrid electric vehicles are equipped with engines, which can be compensated for in case of water risks. However, pure electric vehicles have no engine, no air intake and exhaust devices, so there is no need to worry about the problem of water backflow, and even have stronger wading ability than fuel vehicles. Therefore, it is suggested that pure electric vehicles do not need to buy water insurance.
      By the way, we talk about the problem of charging in rainy days. The charging pile is manufactured according to the national standard, and has the functions of lightning protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection. The charging gun and the charging port of the vehicle have undergone sufficient waterproof treatment, so it can be charged normally in rainy days. Of course, we must keep the charging port dry, never let the rain flow to the charging port. Pay attention to pull out the plug after charging, especially when charging with high DC current, remember to cut off the power first and then pull it out, so as to avoid dangerous arc injury! Before charging each time, check whether the charging gun muzzle has ablation marks (Fig. 3). Try to avoid exposure to the sky

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