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    Auto repair do it yourself 5 taboos
    Bogey: when the car boils, open the hood rashly
    In summer, when the car is hot, the car is easy to boil. When the car is boiling, the driver should not check by himself, because when the hood is opened, the steam temperature in the water tank is too high, which is easy to cause burns on the face or other parts of the body.
    How to do: if the engine starts, first stop the car at the side of the road, put out the fire, pull out the key, put up the machine cover, let it naturally ventilate and cool in the shade, and then quickly call to wait for the arrival of professional rescue workers.
    Don't: park the broken car on the slope for maintenance
    Some car owners will stop the broken car at the half slope for repair, and forget to pull the handbrake, which will cause serious accidents. How to do: car owners should pay attention to whether the parking place is a slope when parking, and try to find a flat place without slope to park. Check whether the car is still in gear and pull the handbrake properly. If it is on a slope, place obstacles under the wheels to prevent the vehicle from sliding suddenly.
    Avoid: do not put warning signs on roadside maintenance vehicles
    It's quite risky to repair a car on the side of the road. The traffic will cause danger to you at any time.
    How to do: when repairing a car on the side of the road or waiting for rescue workers on the road, be sure to set up warning signs about 50 meters behind the car. If there is no warning sign on the car, you can find some branches or obstacles around to mark, so as to achieve the effect of warning the vehicles behind, so as to avoid traffic accidents.

    Avoid: the oil pipe is blocked, use the nozzle to suck the oil pipe
    Gasoline is not only flammable and explosive, but also toxic. In particular, leaded gasoline can damage people's nervous system, digestive tract and kidney. In addition, gasoline also contains high concentration of sulfide, hydrogen sulfide also has certain toxicity. If the oil pipe is blocked, the car owner will quickly suck the gasoline into his stomach in order to get through the pipe, which will cause nausea and abdominal pain, and even lead to poisoning or death.
    What to do: if the vehicle runs on the road and the fuel pipe is blocked, remember not to suck the fuel pipe with your mouth, especially for leaded gasoline. In case of inhalation, after forcing himself to vomit, he should go to the hospital for treatment in time. If the oil pipe is blocked, you can call the professional rescue personnel for help.
    Avoid: the engine runs for a long time in the airless garage
    Many car owners start the car in a closed space, ignoring the impact of exhaust emissions from the engine. In fact, automobile exhaust is very dangerous. It contains carbon monoxide. It is a kind of poisonous gas that can not be seen and smelled. It is also easy to enter the passenger compartment. If the car owner keeps inhaling low concentration of carbon monoxide in a closed or poorly ventilated space for a long time, it will cause headache, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, body deficiency, dizziness and even brain damage.
    What to do: don't run the engine in an enclosed space. If the engine is started in the garage, the door of the garage should be opened or the exhaust device should be opened, so that the exhaust gas can be discharged from the garage at any time. Don't stay near the working engine exhaust pipe for a long time even when you are outdoors.
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