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      The harm of scale in automobile circulating water circuit?
      As we all know, the water tank plays a role in heat dissipation under normal working conditions, but once the scale around the water tank is generated, it will greatly affect the heat dissipation of the water tank. Because the thermal conductivity of scale is very low, which is only 1 / 25 of that of cast iron and 1 / 50 of that of brass, the scale formed in the cylinder liner and the water channel of the cylinder head will make the temperature rise in some areas due to poor heat dissipation, which will lead to cracks in the weak parts of the engine and deformation of the cylinder head. It not only worsens the heat dissipation performance of the cooling system, causes local high temperature zone, worsens the lubrication conditions, increases the engine temperature and accelerates the wear of the engine system; It can also block the cooling pipe or cooling system pipe, greatly reduce the heat transfer efficiency, make the engine overheat, and directly endanger the safety of drivers.
      In addition, to avoid the generation of scale, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of water tank coolant. Many drivers do not pay attention to the use of coolant and the pros and cons, usually only ordinary water into the tank, will cause scale deposition. Good antifreeze is not only a low freezing point, but also has other functions of adding ingredients, which can inhibit foam, rust, electrolysis and scale. Therefore, it is still advised that the majority of automobile users should carefully choose the coolant which is beneficial to the water tank.

      Cleaning method of scale in automobile water tank?
      1、 Manual cleaning method: the car water tank should be disassembled, and the scale should be removed by manual hammer, scraper, shovel, etc; The scale removal efficiency is low, the labor intensity is large, it is not easy to clean, and it is easy to cause secondary damage to the water tank.
      二、專業汽車水箱除垢劑:一般的清洗劑,無法徹 底清除水道內的水垢和酸性物質,有時也能泡下來大片脫落的水垢,但這樣會堵塞水道,有時要拆下水箱進行清洗。如果用質量好的強力清洗劑,不需拆卸即可清洗,還可在不停車的條件下清洗。水垢會呈現粉末狀懸浮在冷卻液中,不會堵塞發動機內的水道。所以選購水箱清洗劑時,千萬不要只圖便宜。
      2、 Professional car water tank descaling agent: general cleaning agent, can not completely remove the scale and acid substances in the water channel, sometimes can bubble down large scale, but this will block the water channel, sometimes need to remove the water tank for cleaning. If you use a good quality strong cleaning agent, you can clean it without disassembly, and you can also clean it without stopping. The scale will be suspended in the coolant in powder form and will not block the water channel in the engine. So when you buy water tank cleaning agent, don't just try to be cheap.
      This article is provided by Jinan Volvo maintenance Co., Ltd. thank you for reading. I hope the above contents will be helpful to you. If you want to know more wonderful contents, please click our official website: http://www.philiprobert.com .

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