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      • 聯系:李先生
      • 手機:13789806976
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      • 網址:http://www.philiprobert.com
      • 廠址:山東省濟南市全福立交橋東100米路北(工業北路301號)通運汽配城3排15、16號 4排15、16號)
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      來源:http://www.philiprobert.com發布時間:2021-06-02 15:47:33

      現在已經進入炎熱的夏天,其實在這種天氣開車也是需要一定技巧的,如果你掌握不好,那很容易會對安 全造成影響,小編給大家說了幾點夏天需要注意的問題,也希望大家能夠把這些方面都掌握起來,以免發生不必要的意外。
      Now it's hot summer. In fact, driving in this kind of weather also needs some skills. If you don't master it well, it will easily affect the safety. Xiaobian told you some problems that need to be paid attention to in summer. I hope you can grasp these aspects to avoid unnecessary accidents.
      第  1點是冷卻液。大家都知道氣溫升高,車子在長時間的運轉下溫度也會過高,其實冷卻液的目的就是給汽車降溫的,讓車子保持在平衡的溫度,如果說它出現了問題,那很容易會造成一些影響,大家可以摸一下自己的引擎蓋,如果發燙了就證明它的作用已經不是特別明顯了,在這時就需要更換一下。
      The first point is coolant. We all know that when the temperature rises, the temperature of the car will be too high after a long time of operation. In fact, the purpose of the coolant is to cool the car and keep the car at a balanced temperature. If there is something wrong with it, it will easily cause some impact. You can touch your hood. If it gets hot, it proves that its effect is not particularly obvious, It needs to be replaced at this time.
      Second, control the speed. Old driver: don't ignore these three points when driving on the road in summer, otherwise the failure rate of cars will be higher! We must not step on the brake at a high frequency. It is easy to make the brake disc wear seriously, and it will get hot. If it is done for a long time, it may make the car out of order. If you find that the temperature of your car is too high, don't drive any further. If you continue to walk, it is easy for the car to break down. You should stop the car immediately and have it repaired.

      The third point is tires. The temperature rises in summer. Don't forget these three points when driving. Old driver: the car should also "cool down"! This is mainly about the adjustment of tire pressure, because it needs to be adjusted down by 0.1 or 0.2 in summer. After all, it will wear out and the temperature is too high after a long time of operation, which will affect our driving state. If you find that it can't support completely, you should stop the car to cool it, But we should pay attention not to pour water on him directly.
      This is what we need to pay attention to when we drive in summer. In addition, Xiaobian has to remind you not to put such inflammable and explosive materials as lighters in the car as far as possible, because it can easily lead to spontaneous combustion of the car. Nowadays, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. I hope you can do a good job in reducing the heat. In addition, when driving, some car owners may think it's expensive to turn on the air conditioner, so they will choose to open the window.
      In fact, it's wrong to do this. It can not only increase fuel consumption, but also it's better to turn on the air conditioner directly to cool down, because the resistance of the car will increase at this time. It's strange that the fuel consumption doesn't increase. Besides the three points mentioned by Xiao Bian, do you know what you should pay attention to when driving in summer?

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