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    1、 Beware of workers who insist on changing parts
    Repair a car may be slaughtered. As an ordinary car owner, how can we avoid these things? The master who has been engaged in the auto repair industry for more than 20 years said that as long as the owner pays a little attention, he can avoid being cheated on some small problems. There are certain requirements for the brake skin and thickness of the brake system, which can be changed or not within a certain range. But in the garage, the maintenance personnel don't care so much. As long as you don't make a sound, they will replace you directly.
    The replacement frequency of brake skin and brake disc should be 2:1, that is, replace the brake disc every two times. Mr. Zhou said that once the repairman insists on changing the brake disc or brake skin for you, it is likely to be fishy. Maybe it's just the mechanic who wants to make more money.
    2、 Find out whether the oil really needs to be replaced

    Master Zhou reminded that the engine oil is also easy to be passive, which is the hardest hit area for the garage to cheat car owners. Engine oil plays a lubricating role in engine operation. It can also reduce engine temperature and clean metal. There are different brands and models of engine oil, as well as different years and applicable quarters. For ordinary vehicles, the oil needs to be changed once every 3 months or 5000 km, which is a necessary item for vehicle maintenance.
    No matter whether your car is in the oil change cycle or not, many auto repair factories will change the oil for you, making you spend more money. So the car mainly knows whether the oil of your car really needs to be replaced. If you really need to replace it, you should also know the engine oil required by your own model from the aspects of model, viscosity, etc. Finally, replace the appropriate engine oil as needed.
    3、 Acquire knowledge through network or training course
    Most car owners are laymen in automotive technology. When there are various problems with the car, they can only be sent to the garage. Moreover, due to the lack of relevant knowledge, they often can only be slaughtered by others, and can not judge whether they are trapped on the spot. According to the relevant reports of Jingbao two days ago, it is recommended that car owners learn more about relevant knowledge to avoid being cheated by auto repair personnel. In this regard, some readers reflect that they want to learn some relevant knowledge, but they don't know where to learn.
    In this regard, car owners can learn from websites and other channels
    The basic knowledge of automobile repair and maintenance. Now there are many such websites with detailed content. In addition, you can participate in relevant professional training courses, which are available in the society. Or, you can ask your relatives and friends who know more about this knowledge.
    After understanding the relevant auto repair knowledge, in many cases, car owners can go to auto parts stores to buy accessories and then go to roadside stores to replace them, so they only need to pay labor costs. Like changing spark plugs, you can buy a spark plug for only tens of dollars, and then find a repair shop. You can do it at a labor cost of 20 yuan. This method can not only save money, but also prevent the maintenance personnel of the garage from installing old or fake spark plugs in your car.
    以上就是濟南寶馬汽車維修為您提供的新資訊,更多的精彩內容請來自:http://www.philiprobert.com ,我們后續會有更多精彩內容與您分享.
    The above is the new information provided by Jinan BMW automobile maintenance. For more highlights, please come from: http://www.philiprobert.com  , we will share more wonderful content with you later

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