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    Adverse reaction: a pool of inexplicable liquid drips out under the car
    Cause of illness: Generally speaking, the cause of drip is a crack in the rubber tube connecting the coolant tank and the engine.
    Maintenance: the deterioration of the antirust quality of the coolant will not only easily lead to the damage of radiator, pipeline, hose and other components, but also cause environmental and air pollution when it drips to the ground because the main component of the coolant is ethylene glycol. However, it is difficult for us to judge whether the coolant is deteriorated by visual inspection, so we should replace the coolant regularly and do not wait until there is a fault. It is generally recommended that the vehicle should be replaced with new coolant every 40000 km or two years, and the cooling fan belt should be replaced every two years.
    Adverse reaction: the engine does not ignite

    Cause of illness: the failure of the starting system is likely to be caused by the rust or leakage of the battery. Because the start of the engine is completed by the spark plug ignition driven by the current of the battery.
    Maintenance: check whether the battery liquid in the battery is sufficient every two months. If not enough, add distilled water to the appropriate height. At present, most cars use maintenance free batteries, so you can't add water without authorization. In addition, check whether the positive and negative end contacts of the battery are rusty or dirty every year. If yes, go to the 4S store in time to clean it up to keep the circuit unblocked. After the battery is repaired, the scrapping time of the battery can be delayed, and the waste of resources and the pollution of the waste battery to the environment can be reduced.
    Adverse reaction: the noise of engine exhaust is large, and the exhaust emission is large
    Cause of illness: the exhaust gas of the engine is oxidized at high temperature, which is likely to lead to leakage of the exhaust system.
    Green maintenance: check whether the pipeline and interface of the exhaust system are corroded by waste gas and whether the interface pad is damaged. If the exhaust system leaks, repair or replace the leaking parts in time. Checking once a year can not only ensure the normal operation of the exhaust system, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by harmful substances in the tail gas.
    Adverse reaction: increased fuel consumption
    Cause of illness: there are many reasons for the increase of fuel consumption. But the most common and easily overlooked is the inspection of tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure will not only increase the driving resistance and fuel consumption, but also affect the service life of the tire.
    Green maintenance: bring your own tire pressure gauge and check the tire pressure frequently. Remember not to forget the inspection of the spare tire, so as not to find that the spare tire has run out of gas when it is in urgent need of replacement. When the temperature is high, the tire pressure will be higher than usual, so it is more accurate to measure the tire pressure in cold days or in the shade. Often, the tires should be interchanged every 10000 kilometers to avoid too much difference between the front and rear wear. If it is necessary to replace seriously worn tires, it is best to replace two or four tires together. Tires with the same grain can be replaced crosswise. In addition, broken line tires help to save fuel.
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