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    Jinan Audi Auto repair sharing what maintenance does the car need to do after being washed by the rain?
    1. Interior dehumidification

    In fact, dehumidification should be done when it rains. Turn on the cold air when it rains, which can not only remove fog, but also dehumidify. When the rain stops, we should pay more attention to it. The accumulated moisture should be removed as soon as possible, otherwise it is easy to mildew.
    After rain, in addition to the door welding and the welding parts of the car body are easy to rust and corrode, the iron parts inside the door, such as hinges and locks, are easily affected by moisture because they are covered by the door trim panel. Therefore, in sunny days, the car owner can find a cool place to open all the doors and the rear compartment lid, so that the moisture in the car can be discharged and ventilated, and then remove the foot cushion and seat cover, Rinse and dry.
    2. Maintenance chassis
    The chassis is close to the ground, especially affected by the road conditions. Generally, this part is easy to rust, and the wheel cavity may even be loose and perforated. Therefore, we must pay attention to the car chassis cleaning and rust treatment.
    In case of heavy rain, the car can be cleaned after driving home. Firstly, some acidic substances can be washed away. Secondly, after driving in rainy days, there will be residual sludge on the inner side of the tire and chassis, and moisture will hide in it. This will easily lead to rust in these places.
    3. Maintenance of brake system
    Because the brake oil is easy to mix with water, it is easy for a large amount of water vapor accumulated on the brake tank to enter into the brake fluid in rainy season due to wet weather. If water enters into the brake fluid, the high temperature generated by friction will vaporize the water in the process of braking. The gas is compressible and compressed in the brake fluid, which will cause brake failure or even failure. Therefore, pay attention to the brake system oil inspection and brake system bleeding treatment after rainy days.
    4. Check the circuit
    The ignition system of a car will have electric leakage due to humidity. Once electric leakage occurs, the engine will not be easy to start. Therefore, in order to love the normal operation of the car, we must check the circuit in time after the rain, the key is to check the high-voltage line.
    If there is water involved, the circuit equipment should be treated in time after that. The circuit can be dried one by one with non fiber paper towel and textile, and then started. In addition, it is important to check the brake system. Because the brake system has a very strong adsorption, rain is very easy to enter the brake fluid, which will affect the braking effect, serious may cause brake failure.
    5. Check the wiper system and drainage system
    As a certain tool of the vehicle in rainy days, the wiper should check the use status of each switch and gear in time in the usual maintenance, and pay attention to check the wiper blade at the same time, and replace it in time when it cannot be wiped clean; Dredge the drain hole in time to avoid ponding.

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