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    Many people often feel like this when driving in winter: the newly charged battery will soon run out of electricity. This is due to the low temperature in winter. The capacity of the battery under low temperature environment is much lower than that under normal temperature. Therefore, in winter, it becomes particularly important to maintain the battery. Let's explain below.
    Many car owners think that after the switch is turned off, the car will be in a state of power failure. In fact, many devices are still in operation. It is common that the anti-theft system installed on many models now starts to work as soon as the car door is locked, and its power consumption is much smaller than that of devices such as headlights. But after a few weeks, when the car is not started for charging for a long time and the battery is in a poor state of storage, the battery will run out of power.
    Is the car in a completely static state after flameout? In the traditional impression, as long as the car key is turned to the off state, all parts of the car will be in a stopped state. However, when the engine temperature is too high, even if the car is in the flameout state and the car key is removed from the car, the cooling system will start automatically to cool the engine system. Only when the temperature of the engine system decreases, the cooling system will automatically stop working. Usually, this process lasts for 3 ~ 5 minutes.
    Jinan Benz car maintenance personnel remind you that if you don't turn off the lights after parking, the battery will be overworked and shocked overnight, and finally strike. Of course, many vehicles now have automatic headlights off after locking, but there are still some vehicles that need to turn off the headlights manually, so you should pay attention to them outside.
    What are the precautions for using the battery in winter?
    1. if the battery is not used for a long time, it will discharge itself slowly until it is scrapped. Therefore, the car should be started every once in a while to charge the battery.

    2. avoid parking the car in the open parking lot for a long time. If the car is parked for a long time, the battery must be removed and taken away to prevent the battery from freezing and damage.
    3. the storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the instrument panel. When the ammeter pointer indicates that the storage capacity is insufficient, it shall be charged in time.
    4. the automobile engine is not easy to start in winter. The time for starting the car each time shall not exceed 5 seconds, and the interval for restarting shall not be less than 15 seconds.
    5. in case of electrolyte loss, distilled water or special fluid shall be supplemented. It is forbidden to replace it with drinking purified water, because the purified water contains many trace elements, which will cause adverse effects on the battery.
    6. clean the battery terminal at regular intervals and apply special grease to protect the harness. Frequently check the accessories and connecting lines on the battery.
    7. during daily driving, always check whether the small hole on the battery cover is ventilated. If the small hole on the battery cover is blocked, the generated hydrogen and oxygen cannot be discharged. When the electrolyte expands, the battery shell will be broken, affecting the service life of the battery.
    8. it is forbidden to use automobile electrical appliances after the automobile is flamed out. If the engine uses the battery alone without generating electricity, it will cause damage to it.
    This is the end of the explanation of the battery maintenance in winter. Can you recall whether you did this when using the car? If you have any questions, please follow our website www.sdjnltqf Www. 68mn and consult!

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